Surfing Rules!

Yeah, so I'm living in a stupid desert. But I have the heart and soul of a surfer, dude. And pretty soon I will be sooooo outta here. I use these sites to help take the sting off while I wait.

Surf TV - Catch some waves live, dude.

Feral Dave - Killer surf boards, and you can even design your own. Awesome!

Surf Museum - Lots of cool pictures.

Yellow Kid Comics - Surfing comics, dude. Funny stuff.

How to build your first surfboard - So I tried to do this once, put just wound up making a huge mess instead. Nearly lost a few fingers too. Mom was SO not amused.

Surfline - This is like, the AWESOMEST surfing site. I can totally look at live feeds from all over the world, and pretend that I get to be there.

Legendary Surfers - None of these dudes ever return my emails, but they are still pretty rad.

Surf Shrink - Useful advice for surfing addicts. Like me!

Surfing Classifieds - This is where most of my poker winnings have been going. My dad is sort of having a fit at the number of surf boards in the garage. I don't know what his problem is...I TOLD him a long time ago we needed a bigger garage. Duh.

Surf board rugs - So I have like ten of these, and when I have my own house someday it is gonna be like wall to wall surfiness dude!

Feetsie - Uhm, so this site is French and stuff.

Magic Surf Bus - Lotsa good stuff here.

Kleeman and Mark - There should be more surfing cartoons.

Yoga for Surfers - It is important to make sure your chakras are all aligned and stuff for proper surfing performance.

rippin waves!
Tubular Tunes!
Gnarly Games!
Killer Cards!
I have the answers....

back to front, dude


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