My fav bands

When I'm not dreaming about surfing, partying or playing games, I chill in my room listening to killer tunes. I have to keep em turned down lower than I like, cuz my dad gets totally aggro about his tv news getting drowned out. He says I need to live in the "real world". Yeah, and he believes the news on tv. As if.

Anyway, here are my totally favorite bands. I'm sure you'll appreciate them more than certain parental units.

Los Straightjackets


Jerry Logas and the Pier 23 Reunion Band

Destination Earth

The Rat Cave

Insect Surfers

Surf Guitar 101 - This isn't a band, but its the totally best place to learn about surf guitar. I was doing some practice myself, till my dad one day busted my guitar against the wall. He is sometimes a majorly touchy dude.

rippin waves!
Tubular Tunes!
Gnarly Games!
Killer Cards!
I have the answers....

back to front, dude


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