Recently I've been totally into poker. Not only is it a totally radical time, but its a nice way to pull in some extra spending green. And since my folks cut off my allowance two years ago, green has become a major issue, bros.

The Dude's Poker Tip of the Week

You can only bluff a smart player for so long dude. Keep throwing in big bets after nothing and your opponents are totally gonna catch on. They’ll be able to read it in your eyes, bro. And the little driplets of sweat running down the side of your face. So mix things up dude. Always keep those guys guessing.

Poker News

I have qualified for this killer texas hold 'em tournament. It's gonna be MAJOR. They sent me a roster of who's gonna be there and stuff. There are gonna be some seriously bodacious players there. Some dude at the Imperial Palace was telling me some of these dudes to look out for. I asked around a bit and found some dirt on them.

Boris Krinkle is like this guy from New York I guess. I hear he can be sorta a bully at the table. Whatever. I've dealt with plenty of bullies in my day, and I know the score: if he starts growling, run away.

Then there's this dude Harry Weinhead. Yeah, what a name, huh? Weinhead... that kills me. Anyway, he's some kinda business dude with alot of cash ta blow. Sure, I'll totally take it. He's been playing poker for years and years though.

And there's this little old lady named "Grandma" Shaky. Even on the roster it says "Grandma". Anyway, what I've heard is that she's pretty sweet and nice and stuff, but she manages to walk away with everyone's money anyway. Also something about how she's had like a gazillion husbands who were all in accidents or something?

And the last person I've been told to watch out for is this way mysterious dude who is known only as "Player". No one knows much about "Player", but I hear the dude's got sharp card skills.

So that's how its gonna shake out. I'm amped, dudes. Its gonna be some seriously fun times.

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