This is a message from the family of Theodore Dudebrough. In February 2005, our son took a trip to Las Vegas and never returned. We are terribly worried and welcome any information you have about his whereabouts. If you have seen Theodore, please send a picture to along with the location so we can try to find him. Thank you in advance for your help.

Aloha Dudes! My name is Theodore Dudebrough, but my friends call me Ted. Welcome to my site!

What's Happenin?

Dude! This is totally it, dude! This is where all my hard late-night poker training and skipping classes totally pays off. The Telltale Texas Hold’em tournament is upon us! I haven’t slept for a week! I’m so nervous I could freakin’ vomit man!

There’s gonna be some stiff competition, too. So like, my bro from the Imperial Palace gave me all that dirt on the competition awhile ago, but meeting these dudes face to face is gonna be waaaaaaaay turbulescent.

But these dudes got nothing on the Dudebrough, man! I am so way ready to meet them, face to face, on the felty green field of battle. This is my ticket to ride, dude! Once I beat these dudes and win the mighty pot of love, I am flyin out to somewhere sandy and wet, and there I will stay. Or maybe I’ll like, tour the world in search of the most monty radical waves. And then I’ll do nothing but surf all day and party all night. I’ll wake up every day with killer hang-overs, have some tasty toaster pastries for breakfast and play some computer games, then cart myself down to the beach and catch some waves with my crew until my legs like, barely work. And THEN I’ll have some chili dogs for dinner and make my way to the kegger down the beach and drink beer until I puke.

Awww…yeeeaaahhh…it’s gonna RULE!!!

Dude, I cannot WAIT!

Some of my crew and I are totally takin a trip to sunny California for the three day weekend next week dudes!

That's right...I am so gonna be soakin in the rays and surfin on the surf. We're gonna party till dawn and surf till we drown dudes. It is gonna RULE! I hope we have enough money for gas.


Dudes, you'll never guess what happened to me....

That's right, I TOTALLY qualified for that huge Texas Hold 'Em Tournament! Awesome! In just a few weeks I'll be competing to win the grand money right here in Las Vegas. And you know what I'm gonna do when I win?

That's right, I am TOTALLY getting out of this bogus desert and headin to the coast to catch some real wave action. I am totally through with hanging around in a town where the biggest body of water is the puddle of drool on my pillow when I wake up in the morning. Now I just have to play some cards, pack my trunks and wax my board dudes. College was never my style anyway. I am too cool for school, yo!

Hello again Dudes.

I totally flunked my Eco-History of the U.S. exam today. Bummer. But its not really my fault. I mean, how can I concentrate on school work when I have my poker skills to practice? I have a qualifying tournament coming up, duh. If I play my cards right, I could get out of here for good and find myself on a real beach. Oh, hey, that was totally a pun! Awesome!

What a bummer dude...

So I hear about this killer party, right? So I ask my old man for the keys to the wagon and he totally won't hand them over. He asked me why I would want to go party when I could be at home studying. So I was like, what kinda question is that, dad-dude? I mean, seems like it should be pretty obvious. And besides, it's not like I'm in high school anymore. I should get to do whatever I want. And he was like, "Well, Theodore, its my car so I can do whatever I want with it. And what I want is to leave it parked in the driveway." So I went back to my room and played some more Stenchtar.

Man, talk about totally harshing my mellow.

rippin waves!
Tubular Tunes!
Gnarly Games!
Killer Cards!
I have the answers....

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